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ascus type (noun,ascus term, pl. ascus types) – a subcategory of one of the mainascus dehiscence types largely based on structural differences in the apical dome. In ascomycetes with lecanoralean asci different types are generally distinguished by staining reactions of the tholus induced by Lugol's iodine. They are commonly named according to genera for which they are most characteristic, e. g.: Lecanora-type, Bacidia-type, Acarospora-type etc. Unfortunately there is little agreement on naming conventions. Thus, several essentially identical types have frequently been given different names, depending on the genera, where they occur, e. g., the Bacidia-type appears to be identical to the Buellia-type; it is also extremely similar, if not identical to the Biatora-type, and to some extent similar to the Lecidella-type.

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