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Quick start

Editing help

  • To edit a page, click on the "Edit"-link displayed on each page (typically at the bottom; depending on the template used). The page will open with editable text in Wiki source view, i. e. without the formatting you see in view mode.
  • In many cases editing a Wiki page is not more complicated than writing an unformatted email. A Wiki is meant to achieve much with simple means.
  • Below the editor area some formatting tips can be found. Furthermore, links to more comprehensive formatting help pages are displayed at the very bottom of the page. The most relevant of these help pages are:
    • Formatting quick reference: A tabular overview over the most important formatting and markup rules.
    • Wiki page name help: Which page (= topic) names are supported?
    • Wiki advanced formatting help: Discusses some useful, but slightly more complex techniques (Interwiki links, footnotes, tables, plugins, variables).

Trying it out safely

A special page: Wiki sand box exists where you can try to write or format text and save it, without affecting real content pages. Please try it!

General hints

  • Adding new pages: Start editing an existing page and adding a link to the non-existing page. If there is no obvious existing page, use your own user page (reachable in the upper right corner, click on your name). Edit this existing existing page, create a link pointing to the new (non-existing) page like [[New topic]]. Save the page, and click on the link (the link is red at first, to indicate the non-existing page). The Wiki editor will then open with the new page.
  • Conflicts: If two users edit the same page at the same time, the second user trying to save is informed. He or she cannot save, but can recover the unsaved information, and compare the changes. If you see such a conflict page, please respect the other persons work and carefully merge the two edits.
  • Deleting and renaming pages: Only administrators may delete and rename ("move") pages. Other users can request clean-up work by placing [[Category:Please delete me]] or [[Category:Please rename me]] links on a page. See Please delete me and Please rename me for current entries in these categories.