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spore canal (noun, ascospore term,spore morphology term, pl. spore canals) – a thin connection between spore cells across the spore septum typically blocked by a septal plug; in spores of the Physciaceae often becoming conspicuous because of septal thickenings. A spore canal is characteristic for proper septa and not identical with the isthmus of polarilocular spores. A spore canal does not completely penetrate the septum but leads towards a septal pore. This pore is usually blocked by a simple plug or it can be associated with more elaborate structures such as folded membranes or Woronin bodies. Like somatic cells of fungal hyphae, spores in the Physciaceae are typically divided into two or several cells by proper septa. Early during their spore ontogeny these cells divide into new cells that each have separate nuclei. Like all cells in the ascomycetes the cell lumina nevertheless remain connected through a septal canal by a central pore. In contrast, polarilocular spores of the Teloschistaceae are not separated into cells by true septa. Instead their cell lumina are subdivided into several locules by endospore swellings. These locules remain connected through an isthmus. Only at the very last stage of their spore ontogeny, the cell nucleus shared among several locules will divide and migrate into the separate locules. Finally, an endospore septum will close the isthmus and thus also divide the polarilocular spore into several new cells. This is:part of spore.

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