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Missing Definition (revision status category) – the following glossary entries have been marked as lacking a proper definition. Please help in filling the gaps in the glossary!

The list above lists only glossary entries that are already created but without an appropriate definition. In addition, many terms linked in other topics are missing, see Special:WantedPages. Most of these terms are truly missing, and a new page with the 'Missing Definition' revision status category should be created for them. However, some undefined pages are the result of spelling or linking errors and need to be corrected on the page the originate from, rather than being created.

Some Categories are listed here as "subcategories" – these categories should be checked, whether more information should be added to the category page.

Please remove the category tag ([[Category:Missing Definition]]) from pages if the tag has been added in error or if the problem has been solved.

(See also other Category:Revision Status Categories, categories in general, or the Top level categories.)


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