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Authentication (= "Login") and Security

  • Everyone may read the content of this Wiki.
  • Changes to this Wiki are restricted to known collaborators. You will be asked to authenticate yourself with a user name and password when trying to edit, rename or delete a page. Please accept this security measure to help us avoiding spam and abuse.
  • The group of collaborators is not a closed community. If you wish to contribute or help, you are most welcome to do so! Please send an email to G. Hagedorn: (Please replace 'name' with 'G.M.Hagedorn') to request a login account. Please state your full name, email, country of residence, and preferred short login name. Unless we already know you, please add some brief background information about yourself, your past experiences and the kind of projects you are interested in. Your help will be much appreciated!
  • Logins are granted on a trust basis. They may enable you to edit pages in projects you are not initially associated with. Such edits may well be legitimate, but please use this ability carefully. If you observe abuse, please report it.