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calicioid (adjective) – lichens or non-lichenized fungi characterized by asci that disintegrate early, thus releasing a powdery mass of ascospores on the apothecium surface, i. e., a mazaedium; frequently, but not always characterized by thinly stalked apothecia shaped like a pin (cf. pin-head lichens). Until recently calicioid lichens were generally placed into a separate order, the Caliciales, but it is now evident from molecular and ultrastructural data that these lichens are closely related to the Physciaceae. In contrast, predominantly non-lichenized, saprobic or lichenicolous fungi with pin-head ascomata are retained within the Mycocaliciales, an order of ascomycetes with uncertain position. Both the mazaedium as well as the pin-head ascomata of calicioid fungi thus appear to have developed independently.

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