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lobule (noun, pl. lobules; diminutive of lobe; variant spelling: sl. lobula, pl. lobulae) – a small (possibly juvenile) lobe; flattened and usually corticate on both the upper and lower side; usually not functioning as propagule; (1) any subdivision of a lobe; (2) an outgrowth extending from the main thallus by proliferating from the tips, margins, or surface of larger lobes, or as a small projection from the thalline exciple. – (FROM SECOND DUPLICATE DEFINITION:) – Often referring to juvenile lobes or any subdivision of a main thallus lobe. Generally referring to small lobes that proliferate from tips of the main lobes along the thallus margins. The term lobule is also commonly used for small lobes projecting out from the thalline margin of an apothecium. For small lobes that sometimes develop directly on the surface and not along the margin the term foliole is more appropriate. Like true lobes, lobules are also flattened and usually corticate on both upper and lower surface. This is:part of upper thallus surface.

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