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mischoblastiomorphic (adjective) – pertaining to a specialized spore found in Rinodina, with very unevenly thickened walls and two funnel-shaped cell lumina (the lumina of two separate cells appearing like an hourglass in section); not synonymous with a polarilocular spore, where one single cell is subdivided into two or several locules (bipolarilocular spores, where one single cell has two locules connected by an isthmus, may also look like an hourglass in section, but these spores are not mischoblastiomorphic because they lack a proper septum)! In a broad sense the term mischoblastiomorphic could be applied to any spores divided by a proper septum and characterized by internal wall thickenings with somewhat constricted and thus irregular cell lumina, i.e., the typical spores of Caliciaceae and Physciaceae; in a strict sense it refers only to the Mischoblastia-type of Rinodina s.l., which is characterized by very strong apical thickenings and funnel-shaped cell lumina.

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