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proper exciple (noun, pl. proper exciples;ascocarp term; synonymous original Latinized form: sl. excipulum proprium, pl. excipulae propriae; alternatively often used for the lateral part of the proper exciple: sl. parathecium, pl. paratheciae) – an anatomical term referring to a purely fungal layer of hyphae directly surrounding and derived from the ascocarp itself, not including any thalline material. Often generally used to describe the entire envelope of hyphae surrounding an ascocarp, thus including both the lateral exciple (or parathecium) as well as the lower exciple (or hypothecium). Sometimes used exclusively for the lateral part only, i. e., the parathecium. Terms describing parts of the proper exciple: ectal exciple, basal exciple, central exciple, inner exciple, lateral exciple, labium, excipular hypha, excipuloid hypha. Related terms: exciple, cupular exciple, amphithecium, hypothecium, subhymenium, lower exciple, parathecium, thalline exciple, amphithecium]]. See also thepart-of categorization:part of proper exciple.

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